Getting Started

Getting Started

The Club possesses small-bore and full-bore rifles, as well as shotguns for the use of the members, so no equipment is required.
Reeds Target Shooting Club actively recruits new members: the only people who we cannot allow to join us are ‘prohibited persons’, who are people that have served a custodial sentence for certain serious crimes, and are banned from possessing or handling firearms. All prospective members or persons wishing to join are required to sign a statement declaring that they are not a prohibited person and take up probationary membership. Other than that, all are welcome.

We do not apply a lower age limit for children, but to be realistic a child has to be physically big enough to hold the gun properly before we can allow them to shoot it. We have smallbore rifles suitable for juniors and small calibre shotguns, but no junior full-bore rifles.

If you decide that you like us, you can apply for membership. If you only want to shoot clays, you can apply for full membership immediately. If you want to take up rifle shooting, the law requires that you undertake a compulsory probation period. To apply for full membership of Reeds we require that you attend as a probationary member for a minimum of six months. During this time, you must attend club meetings regularly, and be supervised whilst shooting by a full member of the Club.  Once you have completed your probation successfully, then you can apply for full membership.

Once you have full membership, you can then apply for your own Firearms Certificate and purchase your own firearms and ammunition.

Selecting Shotguns & Firearms : A guide to buying your first guns.

Technique & Tips : Shooting techniques and suggestions for both the novice and experienced shot.

If you feel that you would like to come along to any of our Club meetings, meet the members, and to find out more about what we do and what we offer, simply contact the Club Secretary.